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also benefits land lords by reducing nuisance complaints regarding secondhand smoke. specifically, we'll hear from some republics -- reps from the department of public health, this requires landlords disclose units as smoke free or smoking optional. no leases can be changed midway through tenancy and thanks to the tenant associations for advocating strongly. owners must include the smoking designation in the unit in the residential vacancy listings and to any applicant prior to entering into a lease agreement. no. 3, owners must provide a list to rental applicants who are offered the unit showing the designation of all units in the building that are smoking optional. this list will be updated and available to all tenants. lastly, owners of -- this is a phase in process built in. owners of smaller buildings of 50 units or less have one year to apply and owners of 50 units or above have two years to comply. this brings san francisco into line with a number of other cities that have recently passed ordinance, oakland, belmont and novato have recently passed legislation. this ordinanc
was the baptism of the lord as well as the birth date and so they combined these things and then during the coming of the western church, things began to move to the 25th of december. so let's get the christmas celebration and then we'll back up to the advent celebration. the christmas celebration moved to the 25th of december some time around the year 400. and the line that you get there is the roman emperor. purse cuted christians up to 300. which suddenly christianity instead of being oppressed became the religion of the empire. at the same time he moved everything east and started this new town con staff noble now istanbul and they celebrated on the sixth. celebrated christmas then along with the baptism. and then the west when it began to divide and dividing by 480 and catholic west picked up the 25th of december. there are a couple of theories on that. one of them is that there was a becomal that the romans had on the 25th that the church consumed that. that is kind of iffy. but there was a guy that also claiming to be a christ and his deal was light. children of light and children of darkne
and five of our hall of famers. gay lord perry, orlando si pirra, jaun, lily misconnie, and willy mays. [cheers and applause] we also want to acknowledge congresswoman nancy pelosi along with her husband. thank you so much for being here. we know how busy you with the election just a few days away so a round of applause for all of our vip and special guests. and now at this time we would also like to thank the city and county of san francisco and our community partners. we must acknowledge them. can't do it without them. bank of america, dignity health, miller coors, diamond foods, virgin america, pg&e, and sales force to help to make this civic celebration possible. we thank you. and of course we must recognize the giants broadcast partner sports bay area that brings sports to our giants fans all season long and made it possible for this to be watched all over northern california. all right. are you ready now? we can really get it started. [cheers and applause] . i said are you ready? [cheers and applause] it is my pleasure now to introduce two members of the best broadcast t
to the issue of first of all, the treatment needs to be at a lord to the individual and that if -- tailored -- we need to enter into the prescribing process with an open mind whether in fact this new dru offer any advantage whatsoever to our patients. >> the cost of the treatment will drop by as much as 80%. >> correct. >> and you get the same effect right? >> correct. >> that's really quite dramatic. in fact, it led an editorial writer for the british study, his name is jeffrey lieberman, a researcher in the trial, and he said the claims of superiority were greatly exaggerated, of the new drug. the aggressive marketing of theserugs may have contributed to this enhance perception of effectiveness in the absence of information. so apparently they haven't done their test to show this new drug was an improvement over what existed. there is very little research in this country of com parityive effectiveness. and that is looking at a new drug, comparing it in what we call a head-to-head trial to see whether the drug offers an improvement. when the fda aproves a drug fo marketing, a new drug, wha
, we think that to do anything other than to take it to the lord and prayer is blasphemy. >> we also see that there are genetic factors, that there is her t heritabilaty. in most cases people feel like they're not responsible. why can't you just get out of bed? why can't you just get up and go to work? why is it you just moping around? just pull yourself together. i think when people hear that it pushes them further into depression and they become ashamed of something that other people think that they are now responsible for. >> and i don't think that people really understand that it is a medical condition. i think people think it's something, like you said, a character flaw, something they can get over, something that they're not trying hard enough to deal with. >> i know people who often think, look, i'm just sad a lot or i'm tired a lot. i don't think that they necessarily self-assess in a way to know. >> i think you're right about that, mark. i was going to say that. for many of us, we haven't named our pain. we don't know what it looks like, feels like, or sounds like, but it's
to the movies this weekend new in theaters "the hobbit." it has all of the "lord of the ription" people involved. it was claimed in a new 3-d technology that some say made them sick. reporter don sanchez looks healthy after seeing it, just not so happy. >> i am looking for someone to share in an adventure. >> i can't just go running off into the blue. >> reporter: but he does. joining a band of dwarfs all created by make up people in a huh louse nation. and these characters are on a mission. >> they are on a mission to reclaim a mountain. >> reporter: it is guarded by a dragon. >> the dark how better has found a way back -- a dark power has found a way back into the world. >> but it can't figure out if it is action adventure drama or comedy. >> i am surrounding -- surrounded by dwarfs. >> it has big scale action with scary monsters. peter jackson likes to use a helicopter a lot. it is in 3-d, one regular and one at 48 frames per second. that's really breathtaking. "the hobbit" is the prequel to" lord of the rings." it is a smaller book, but it is a trilogy and that's why scenes go on so long. ev
to start with? but as a christian, you tell them, there's hope in the lord. god knows where you're at. god cares for you and loves you. rather than saying a lot about jesus, trying to be like jesus. >> it seems, too, a lot of times just being there is important and listening is as important as what you say. >> yeah, very much so. that's what anybody needs in this kind of setting. and having been in this setting a time before, and actually i'm glad to be around to be able to help people here. >> you feel like you're in the right place at the right time. >> yeah, right place at the right time. and the church that i pastor, i think they feel that way, too. we've been conducting prayer meetings in the area, praying for people. and getting in touch with god and asking him to help them and help use us in ways that can be helpful toward other people. >> it is extraordinary -- i've spent a little bit of time in this town. just to see how people are coming together. people are stopping here, people are stopping down the street and just kind of talking to one another, complete strangers kind of reac
jesus christ and say they have joined the lord, going to go home again. to me, it's tragic. i want you to speak specifically to christianity in arkansas, in your experience. >> you know, it's one of the things that i thought was kind of grotesque when you're on death row, you have come as soon as the guy gets an execution date, that you have these ministers that swarm on them like flies. you know, they didn't give a damn about this guy for the past 10, 15 years he was on death row. all of a sudden he is about to die and they can't get enough of him. it's disgusting. but at the same time there are a lot of good people from different religions that come in and the done a lot of good. that's one of those things that there is both good and bad. but anyway it's like in the system they always keep you going forward by giving you false hope. you've always got somebody telling you whether it's a lawyer telling you sure, we're going to get this turned around in nine months. whenever they started doing the dna testing in our case, i said how long will this take? they said about six months. six m
of my youth remain? casey at the bat, captain my captain, the star-spangled banner, the lord's prayer, the cottage, the deacon's one horse -- [inaudible] the bible, the declaration of independence, the gettysburg address. those various productions of poetry universeally read 50 years ago are replace inside the brave new world by slogans and the reduction of debatable propositions to commands. celebrate diversity, for example. where once we did not exhort, but practiced the celebration of its polar opposite, unity. english literature until the late mid century was largely illusive. it assumed a common knowledge of the bible, the gospels, the constitution, the works of shakespeare and various poets of that region and time. there was that called poetry still written today, but i defy anyone here to quote one line read as recently as last week. and yet we remember for our entire lives that which moved us not by command or by appeal to the intellect, but by resonance with the soul which is as opposed to political bleeps, we all share. the one-horse shay, have you heard of the wonderful one
with aerosmith. he said you were like lord byron, that you were mad, bad and dangerous to know. >> and also to hear. for more than a decade, led zep were the dark gods of rock, but in 1980 when grouper john bonham died after consuming 40 shots of vodka in 24 hours, it all ended unexpectedly. there must have been an incredibly difficult decision. >> no, it was an easy decision. it was an incredibly difficult time. but i couldn't imagine it without him. >> reporter: the ban members went their separate ways. >> i never felt so out of place and vulnerable and out of time and all that stuff. it was nerve wracking. >> reporter: led zeppelin would we unite publicly only twice before 2007, and with disappointing results. so when the concert to honor the late head of atlantic records was planned, plant worried about recapturing led zeppelin's old magic. did you have to work pretty hard to put yourself back there? >> i knew i couldn't go back there, but i had to be comfortable with where i met it. >> reporter: and where was that? >> it was just left of extreme fear. and trepidation. >> reporter: why?
udall used to use. he would say, lord, give us the wisdom to use words that are gentle and tender, for tomorrow we may have to eat them. probably a pearl of wisdom that susan rice probably thinks today she would like to have taken with her into that hearing a few months ago. a book called "the world of trouble" published in 2009 by farrar, i wrote about american presidents from eisenhower to ford and how each tried to understand the middle east and how each tried to impose a surprisingly discontinuous agenda with often tragic results. and while that book is about america's political system, "fortress israel" is a biography of israel's political culture which is an undertaking one has to take -- make with humility as an american. going back to tel aviv over several years driving up the hill to jerusalem and up and down that mediterranean landscape, i became fascinated with how the generals and the intelligence chiefs and the political figures of the ruling elite look out at the world and how strong what i call a martial impulse beats in their chest and how self-assured they are in
. when we are there the only hope people can have is to the lord. much of what we have been hearing on tv, centers around faith. and we recognize that this is a critical time for everyone to really tap in on what god's comfort and hope is all about. >> shannon: for a lot of people who maybe faith for them isn't a daily part of their life. maybe it was at one point. maybe it's something new for them. why do you think in time of crisis we are so quick to turn to that place? >> well, we go through times like, this you know. we really come in touch with the important things of life. and i think a relationship experiencing god's comfort and his hope is what people seek. whether anyone has been in church in the last 10 years or not, there is something i think that's in their heart they realize there is a hole there. and they turn to god. and they ask us a lot of god questions. we don't pretend to have all the answers. we know doo know there is a god that loves them and cares for them and desires to come alongside at a time that could be the darkest hour of their life. >> jack monday we thank yo
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)